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                                                                             Life Server Rules

1. You must read over this document AT LEAST 1 TIME all the way through before playing.
2. If you have never played before or are new to the server, please join as a civilian. This role requires the least amount of knowledge regarding the mission and all of its particular rules. 
3. Know the difference between laws and server rules. 

                                                                                  Break a law: go to jail in Takistan. 
                                                                                            Break a server rule: 
                                                                                Once: Verbal Warning up to 3 times
                                                                                                 Twice: Kick
                                                       Repeated: Temporary Ban / Permanent Ban (Depending on Offense)

Class Overview:

Civilians: You must follow all of the laws that the Takistan government has in place, break them and you risk getting a fine or doing time in jail!

PMCs(under construction): PMCs are Private Military Company personnel. They are like civilians in the sense that they cannot arrest or restrain anyone, and must follow all of the same laws as civilians, most of the time. PMCs are 
supposed to be paid to carry out jobs. These jobs can range from capturing a wanted civilian for the police, killing a mass murderer for the police, transporting people around, personal body guards.
It is important that you understand that PMCs cannot rob banks, rob gas stations, commit terrorist actions, run/process drugs, etc. 

Cops: Cops enforce the laws in Takistan and can ticket OR arrest people who do not follow them. Any cop who breaks a cop rule will be asked to go civilian until an admin feels that the player is able to play cop well again. Being a 
cop requires more involved role playing and how the game plays out depends on your best judgment. For example, a cop shouldn’t arrest someone who was speeding for 25 minutes (max jail time, reserved only for the worst crimes), because 
that would never happen in real life. 

Independents: just like terrorists, you can decleare a WAR on EVERYONE or just the police BUT... some rules still apply like NO killing unarmed civs.


General Server Rules 

1. No recruiting or advertising of your clan on our server.
2. Respect other players.
3. Respect Admins and their decisions. Admin decisions are final.
4. Complaints and issues should be directed to our complaints section on our forums
5. Exploits/glitches are not to be taken advantage of.
6. Language - foul or abusive language will not be tolerated including racist and sexually slander. While we run a fun and friendly server, some banter is accepted but offensive behaviour will not be tolerated.
7. No votekicks or map changes while admin is present - check if admin present before initiating votes.
8. Do not intentionally TK (team kill).
9. Objectives must be attempted.
10. We are recruiting mature members.
11. No spamming global chat; this includes complaining about other players. 
12. Cops and PMC's must be in teamspeak. However, it’s recommended all players join it. 
13. Players must follow all general class-specific rules.
14. No respawning while restrained or being stunned. Don’t be a sore loser.
15. Do not fire in-out or around a factorys, pmc within 100m

Communication Rules

1. No using teamspeak to spy on the other classes.Joining an opponent’s teamspeak channel to gather information about an opponent is cheating.
2. No giving out important information like enemy positions or where you died while you are dead. However, saying something like "nice shot” is acceptable and sportsman-like.
3. No spamming any TS or global channel. Try to use global chat only when absolutely needed. Players who spam global chat will be warned; if the player does not stop they will be kicked or banned.
4. No annoying voice transformations; they are not creative, but plain annoying. 
5. Civilians can be an informant for police and vice versa. That does not give the informant the right to join another teamspeak channel. The informant must use a mobile phone or meet hit contacts in game. Anything the informant hears in teamspeak cannot be given. The informant must see the act they are reporting or be told about an event that is going to happen through game chat.

Cop Rules


1. No killing of unarmed players. (Deathmatching)
2. If a suspect does NOT have a weapon you CAN'T kill them.
3. Ask suspects to peacefully submit to you if they are to be detained or arrested.
4. If they resist you can stun them.
6. Lethal Weapons (everything besides stun pistols) should only be used if the officer’s life is immediate danger. 
7. You must declare why the person you are arresting is being arrested.
8. Any civilians with weapons must be searched and licenses checked.
9. Independents can be killed on site
10. Any Civilian armed in city limits will be stuned without question.
11 Maximum time sentence in jail is 5 minutes.
12. All cops must carry a non-lethal weapon or have a partner with a non lethal weapon; no exceptions.


1. Cops may never random search. An officer must have probable cause to search.(exept for road blocks)
2. Police can search/follow people on suspicion because they have left Terror or Assassination.
3. Maximum time sentence in jail is 5 minutes.
4. Civilians interfering with a crime scene can be detained or arrested up to the police officers discretion, for interfering with a crime scene.

Vehicle rules:

1. Cops must obey traffic laws, unless responding to a call. Police must have their lights and sirens on for legitimate reasons in order to speed.
2. If a vehicle is illegally parked or blocking an area, you must ask the civilian to move it, if the civilian does not move the vehicle the police can impound it. Always ask over global before impounding, if no one claims the    vehicle, then you have clearance to impound it. The exception to this rule is if the vehicle is blocking a vehicle spawn for over 60 seconds, then you should impound it immediately. 
3. Any vehicle used in a crime must be impounded. (All illegal items in a vehicle are removed when it’s impounded)


1. Cops must have 3 or more officers to raid Terrorist Base or any of the gang areas.
2. Cops when at the raid point they must announce they are raiding the location and offer anyone inside the opportunity to surrender before opening fire or going to said location. Cops should give anyone inside 60 seconds to    come out with their hands up.
3. Cops can fire into the said location before entering, but must enter afterwards. Raiding means you actually GO INSIDE the location and apprehend/eliminate anyone still inside, not bomb it to shit then leave.

Civilian Rules

1. Do not rob/kill civilians in or around a factory, pmc within 100m
2. No killing police unless you are wanted or fleeing for your life.
3. Cops are there to protect and serve are allowed to help them out by providing intel.
4. Stay clear of police activity and investigations, Otherwise you can be detained or arrested up to the police officers discretion for interfering with a crime scene.
5. If a person other than a Police Officer aims a weapon at you with intent to may defend yourself.
6. Weapons must be holstered or in the car inventory at all times while in city limits.
7. Civilians may not bring any armored vehicle into the towns.

Gang Rules:

1. Gangs should not fight each other unless war has been declared between the gangs.
2. Neutralizing or capturing another gangs gang area, killing/attempting to kill or stealing from another gang are considered declarations of war. But straight declaration of war works too.
3. A gang member kill a member of another gang if they are unarmed. HOWEVER, if a member of another gang is in a town thats death matching.

Independent Rules: 

1. No killing of unarmed players. (Deathmatching)
2. Armed Civilians may be shot if deemed to be hostile.
3. Terrorism is an occasional bomb or coordinated attack. Terrorism IS NOT shooting a cop in the back with a revolver.
4. Terrorism is no excuse for deathmatching, but it can be good role-play.
5. Bombing important buildings like the mosque or general factory is against the rules.
6. Setting off IED's while restrained will result in a kick or ban.

Robbing Rules:

1. Stun-spamming, over-stunning, or unnecessary stunning is not allowed.
2. You must first tell the person to put their hands up and surrender their money or item over direct chat. If they run, or refuse,have fun!! However, killing them is not acceptable and will be seen as deathmatching.

Weapons Laws:

1. Weapons must be holstered inside the city, even if you have a license.
2. If a civilian has an un-holstered LICENSED weapon in the city and is not using it in a crime the cops may take the weapon away and give a fine upto 40k, jail time is not appropriate. If the weapon is unlicensed but not being used in a 
crime a fine upto $85k or 1 minute in jail is the punishment.

PMC Rules 

1. PMCs are like civilians, however, they cannot commit crimes/ terrorism/ join gangs.
2. PMCs are to be hired as mercenaries; they are to carry out jobs such as body guards, transportation, area protection, assassinating a civilian wanted for a murder. 
3. PMCs are not to kill any police officers or other PMCs, UNLESS the police/ other PMCs are opening fire on their client they are paid to protect.
4. PMCs are not to attack the government convoy.

>> Update under progress <<

General Rule

A. Traffic Laws:
1. Speed limits are: 50kph in town , 120kph outside of town.
2. Civilians must pull off the road if a cop with sirens is coming down the road.
3. All civilian armored vehicles are illegal
4. Drive on the left side of the road, this also includes parking too
5. No spamming paying fines and bail, only pay in full ( if you pay in $1 Increments you will be kicked)

Aviation Laws:

1. Only Police aircraft involved in an operation or chase are allowed to fly or land inside the city limits. UNLESS given permission by the police chief. 
2. If an UNARMED aircraft flies through city limits they may be asked to land and the pilot can be fined by the police and may be checked for his/her air license (but cannot be searched for anything else).
3. If the UNARMED aircraft does not land when asked, the pilot can be arrested. The police must wait until it lands in order to arrest the pilot. The aircraft cannot be shot down. 
4. If a wanted person is flying the UNARMED aircraft, they will be asked to land (even if they are outside of city limits). If they do not land warning shots may be fired. If the aircraft does not land after the warning shots are fired 
the aircraft may be shot down by police.
5. Any armed aircraft may be shot down by police at any time. Armed aircraft are ALWAYS illegal for civilians to own.
6. Strictly forbidden to crash aviation vehicles into other vehicles, does not matter if they are flying or driving, this may be given leniency if during a roleplay scenario: Example: (Crashing a C-130 into a political target)


1. The mayor may not be in a gang when in office.
2. Cops should not be elected mayor.
3. A police chief can be appointed by an admin or other police members.
4. The police chief's job is to represent the police department.

E. Under review rules:

You cannot seek a revenge kill if you are killed. You are supposed to be a new civilian, a blank slate.


1. If an unwanted civilian is killed by police the officer at fault must compensate for the civilian's losses.
2. If the officer and civilian are unable to agree about how much that civilian should be paid in damages the officer should pay 125k plus the amount of damage done to lost or damaged property such as vehicles, legal weapons, etc.
3. If a civilian is killed by another civilian for no legitimate reason the civilian at fault must pay compensation to the victim.
4. If a civilian or cop is killed by accident but it was the victim's fault, compensation does not have to be paid. For example, if a civilian OR cop runs in the middle of the street and gets hit by a car, on accident, the civilian who 
was hit is at vault and does not need to be paid compensation. However the civilian is at fault, they must tell the police to remove the wanted of the person who killed them by accident.

Money Glitching
Any form of money glitching or hacking will get you banned!!!!!